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Some areas that With You Every Step can help with:


- emotional regulation (anxiety, depression, anger, self - harming, suicide prevention)

- effective parenting (support, coping strategies, managing behaviour, communication)

- social skills (communication, empathy, social cues, assertiveness, self-esteem, confidence, conflict resolution, issues around bullying, making and keeping friends, resilience, positive attitude, self-acceptance)

- school-related issues (bullying, friendship issues, stress) 

With You Every Step uses a combination of therapies according to individual needs and preferences, including but not limited to; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solutions Focussed Therapy and Play Therapy.

Creative therapies such as art, music and play are beneficial for young children and those who find it more challenging to talk through their feelings.


Telehealth services are available


Counselling is available for children, teenagers and adults. 

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